Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Common Type System(CTS)

Common Type System(CTS)

Types are mechanism by which code one programming language and can be talk to different programming language.

CTS contains contains one or more member.They are fields,method,property and events

CTS also maintains access modifiers like Private,Family,Family and Assembly,Assembly,Family or assembly and public.

Note 1) CTS rules inheritance ,vrtual functions ,object life time etc.

2) CTS rules all the type must inherit from system.object.

Conclusion : Manages the type

Common Language Specification(CLS)

CLR integrates all the language and consider as same type. i.e CLR produce

self-describing type information(metadata) and a common executable environment.

Note: Some of the things we can easily write in one language not in others .CLS makes the

development easy ,i.e metada can read all other language that uses the CLR as compailer.

Conclution : Manages different languages to support.