Sunday, September 13, 2009

Windows Live Writer - For Better Blogging

In my last post i wrote  how to copy a Code Snippet form visual studio to a blog . Today when i gone through some of the sites which says Windows live writer helps to write better blogs.

Steps that i followed to write a blog

step 1 : Download

Step 2 : After installation go to start –> programs –>  Windows Live –> Windows Live Writer

                               windows live writer

Step 3 : Windows Live write ask for the details about your Blog details .After all the windows live writer open as shown below


                     windows live writer Main

Now you can write and publish your post :)

For Copying code from visual studio to blog is as follows

Step 1 : Go to Visual studio and copy the code that you want


                                Windows live Visual studio


Step 2  : Select Code Snippet from Windows Live Writer


            windows live writer code snippest

Step 3 : Which opens a new window as shown below.From there select Edit –> Paste then Click Insert.


                windows live writer code

Step 4 : the output is displayed in your blog,when you click you publish in windows live writer.