Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cryptographic Serivce Providers

It is a software library that implements the cryptographic serverce Programming interface .CSPs are responsible for encryption and decryption .

CSP : Are independent modules that can be used by different algorithms .A user wants to call the CSP .CSP are responsible for implementing cryptographic alrorithms.

Note:some of the special types of DLL are implemented by CSP.In delay sigining Microsoft uses CSP ,siginal varifies when windows load the CSP.
: CSP are the "containers" that abstract the location of these keys.When it loads the key grabed from the CSP container.
:If private/Public key pairs in a CSP container donot use the AssemblyKeyFileAttribute or AL.EXEs /Keyf[ile].Insted it uses the system.Reflection.AssemblyKeyNameAttribute or AL.EXEs /keyn[ame](takes the name of the key container in CSP)