Sunday, July 19, 2009

Visual Studio Short Cut Keys

Shortcut keys are easy to navigate,Increase productivity ,etc .... :)

These are the short cut keys i like in visual studio

  • To understanding the code
Class view : [ctrl-w] ,[ctrl -c]
Note : helps to see the class view.
Create Class diagram (by adding .cd file to the project)
Note : This will display the class diagram created.copy and paste the necessary methods ,properties from one class to another class.

  • Navigate through code

F12 : GoTODefinition
shift -F12 : Show all the reference to a symbol
F8:Cycle through list of items in the currently active output window
shift - F8 : same as F8 but opposite in direction

ctrl - m ,ctrl- m: collapses /expand the method the cursor is currently in
ctrl -m,ctrl-o : collapse all methods to the outline view

ctrl - -(minus) : moves to the cursor previous location
ctrl - shift - -(minus) :moves to the cursor last location

ctrl - F :find menu
ctrl - H : find and replace
ctrl - i :incremental search
ctrl - shift - F : find in all files

  • Modify code

ctrl -k, ctrl - c : command out the selected code
ctrl -k ,ctrl - u : uncommand out the selected code
ctrl-k ,ctrl -f :auto format the selected code

ctrl - R ,ctrl - M :extract method
ctrl -R,ctrl - E :encapsulate field
ctrl- R ,ctrl -l :extract interface
F2 :Rename

  • Debugging code

F10 :step over
ctrl - F10 :Run to cursor
F11 :step into
shift - F11 : step out
F9:toggle a break point
F5 :Run with debugging
Shift - F5 :stop debugging
ctrl-F5 :Run without Debugging